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process art

  • The Coaching Room 120 Wortley Road London, Ontario CA (map)

“Creativity lies not in the DONE but in the DOING… ” - Julia Cameron

Process art asks us to focus on the experience of doing the work, not on the product.  It's making art as open-ended play, with no right/wrong, no rules, and no attachment to outcomes.  It's practicing trusting our intuition and noticing how our bodies and minds naturally invite or reject creating.

Not only is process art a ticket to courageous and unconstrained expression, it's also a way to invite ease into your life, cultivate self-acceptance, and heal.  You'll makemakemake, both sensing and seeing your patterns at work.  It's in this way that you'll get to know yourself a hell of a lot more fully and snip the shackles that bind your creativity.

In this one-day playshop, you'll:

  • Reflect on what has you uninspired or stuck - now or perpetually
  • Invite freedom through writing and art-making
  • Move your body in ways that inspire unbounded, present, generative thinking
  • Conspire with others in purposeful play
  • Revel in pure joy

You'll leave with the confidence to create.  I promise.


We'll meet on Tuesday, May 17 from 10am until 4pm.

The Coaching Room, located at 120 Wortley Road in London, Ontario, CA

$150 USD  (about $200 CAD)


  • An epic day in the community of others who are as focused on being as creatively alive as you are
  • Coffee, tea, an awesome lunch, and snackssnackssnacks
  • All the supplies you'll need
  • A revival of your energy
  • The capacity to freely express yourself!


Oh, and a note about you:

IF YOU CALL YOURSELF AN 'ARTIST', this experience will support you in:

  • Moving through 'creative blocks' as they come
  • No longer making art that other people expect you to make
  • Trying things you've never tried before
  • Deepening your existing artistic practices

IF YOU DON'T CALL YOURSELF AN 'ARTIST', this experience will:

  • Be super fun and joyful
  • Take any heaviness you have around "ART" and "CREATIVITY" and flush them for good
  • Provoke a wild need to make things - and feel more full and whole by doing so
  • Be a window into how to be more free in all of life

IF YOU'RE A COACH, this experience will:

  • Inspire you to integrate process art approaches in your work
  • Give you tools you can use to support your clients in living more unbounded, creative, and expressed lives
  • Be a hands-on oh-so-amusing way to learn in community with other coaches and non-coaches



claim your seat now.


*I am a supporter of alternate economies.  If you have a skill or some other awesome something to trade for a seat in this workshop, email me at now.  I'm sure we can work something out.

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